Just Discovered Whitening Cosmetics Exist? You’re Not Alone. Here’s a Quick Overview.

Just Discovered Whitening Cosmetics Exist? You’re Not Alone!

Many cultures in Asia believe a fairer, whiter, lighter complexion to be more attractive, whether that is the natural color of a person or not. While in the west we might compliment someone on them having lost weight or getting a great haircut, many members of Asian cultures compliment how white someone’s skin is. There are over 3 billion people in Asia that follow this trend, so it is surprising that the West is only just starting to hear about it.

Thousands of Years Old Belief

This is due to the thousands of years old belief that¬†darker skin is the result of manual labor, or outside work. So, this is not a racist view, it’s a class view. Of course, even those within the manual labor classes want to escape that existence, and will do whatever it takes to move up society’s rungs.

For many, cosmetics is the answer.

There is another reason why whitening and lightening creams, serums, emulsions, essences and soaps are so popular – income for manual labor is much lower, and so the default assumption is that darker skin means lower income. The reasoning goes, the lighter the skin, the less time outdoors, the less time you work generally, the closer to royalty or a CEO position you must be, and the higher the perceived prestige if you become a partner. Also, if you work inside, you must get paid more anyway – a lot more than outside workers.

Third World Countries

In third world countries, women must find a male that their families, extended families, and local communities approve of, usually by the time they’re twenty years old. While men are not as worried about the color of the skin of the woman he falls in love with, it’s highly likely his mother, sisters and cousins will be, and so women aim for much lighter skin than their relatives to not only grab the best mate in the quickest possible time, but to also impress the family of the mate so that she doesn’t lose him.

30 Billion Dollar Industry

The result of this is a 30 billion dollar industry in whitening, lightening and blemish-removing creams, soaps, emulsions, serums and essences to help people attract the opposite sex, attract a higher profile job, improve their social status and improve confidence. This trend is very popular in Asia where whitening creams and lightening soaps are in the front window of almost every cosmetic and beauty store. Take a walk through the shops in your local Chinatown and you’ll quickly see shelves packed with the latest in whitening creams.

Benefits and Warnings

Many of these creams contain chemicals that simply stop melanin from producing. Others just soften yellows and browns to smooth out complexions, and still others work deeper, completely changing the entire structure of the skin to make it almost translucent. There are creams for whatever you want, whether it is to simply remove stretch marks or to completely change your entire body color. Of course, these creams are usually used for a short time. Just until someone has reached that particular shade they like, and then they stop. Some creams contain toxic chemicals and should be used with caution, and certainly not for a long time.


The TV station SBS ran a story on the trend recently. You can watch the short video here. It’s called Skin Whitening. What’s the Deal?

In western culture, the idea of wanting fairer skin began disappearing in the 17th century, and the trend, especially in places like Australia, is for Caucasians to tan or otherwise get darker skin. Many westerners marry partners with darker skin too, being more attracted to an ‘exotic’ mate that doesn’t look like them.


At Lightening Skin Care¬†we have researched thousands of products from around the world to help you decide the best color you need to be today for whatever reason. We’ll be following the trend and adding the latest products that have a large number of reviews.

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